Retain Your Straight Teeth

What can I do to keep my teeth straight?

Once you are out of braces and have your beautiful straight teeth, you will be fitted with retainers to wear. At first, you may be asked to wear them all the time. You should remove the retainers to eat and brush your teeth. After a short time you will be instructed to wear the retainers at night only.

How long will I wear retainers?

You should wear your retainers indefinitely.

Although most individuals can maintain straight teeth by wearing the retainers at night, it will be your responsibility to wear retainers as much as needed to keep the straight teeth from shifting.

What can be done if my teeth shift or get crooked again?

You should call the office at your earliest convenience.

The dentist will want to meet with you to decide what can be done to get your teeth straight again. Sometimes, we can regain your straight teeth with a special removable appliance and sometimes we must use braces for a short time to ensure straight teeth.

If braces are necessary, there will be no charge to refit braces on your teeth; however you will be charged a monthly fee to adjust the braces for the period of time necessary to restraighten teeth. You will also be responsible for the cost of new retainers needed after the braces.

Future appointments

We will attempt to contact you periodically to adjust the retainers for your straight teeth. We will check your bite, and with your permission, take X-rays to check the development of your wisdom teeth, if they are present. There will be charges for necessary X-rays and your checkup appointments.

If we can not get in touch with you or you do not hear from us periodically, please contact our office. If you have a change of address and telephone number, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your straight teeth and your beautiful smile!

L ifetime Guarantee

If, for any reason, you should need braces again, we will replace the braces free of charge. You will only be responsible for a monthly fee to adjust the braces for the period of time necessary to restraighten the teeth and the cost of new retainers.